Compost Demonstration Site

Many moons ago in a star thistle patch in Bear Creek Park, Medford, Oregon, the Compost Demonstration Site was created. A dedicated group of volunteers, over a number of years, created not only a compost education site, but a water-wise, recycled materials landscape to be used as an educational site for a new kind of landscape. The Recycling P.A.C.T., with major help from individuals and organizations, created this site early in the recycling efforts in the Rogue Valley.  There have been many changes to the site as we have dealt with construction, maturing plants, vandals, volunteer plants, and all the things that go along with the maintenance of a landscape. Many lessons have been learned on this site about compost, but also about community and how it comes together in a big way to support the bigger picture for all of us. Many kids grew up at this site and are now sharing the lessons of compost and plants with their own children. What a wonderful gift for us all.