No Lawn! Then What?

So many people are clear they are ready to make the shift from a landscape with lawn to a landscape without lawn, yet they do not have a sense about what to do instead. The projects in this section are projects that either had lawn and removed it or started without lawn.  Here are a few examples of what others have done.

Many of the lawns in these projects were “removed” by a method of smothering the existing lawn with a layer of cardboard and then a final mulch. In many ways this is a much less intensive method compared to either physically removing the lawn or killing it chemically and then needing to prepare the soil. They Nystrom project shows photos of the process in a front yard setting. The neighbors were scratching their heads when the cardboard and mulch first went down. By the next year, they were delighted to see all the plants installed to create a seasonally diverse, colorful landscape.

Other projects will be added as they mature, so please return here often to see project progress and maturation, and new ideas.